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What Is The Smile Project?


Far more than a human right, the ability to talk, to connect, to play, to be in the presence of other people--to give and receive smiles--is a physical and emotional necessity.

The primary goal of The Smile Project is to allow people to demonstrate in simple, positive ways, that we believe smiles and human interaction are critically important to life--even during a pandemic--and especially for children. Periodically, we'll send out specific suggestions of ways to spread joy and smiles in our communities, things like going to a restaurant on a given day and tipping $100 (or as much as you can), going to a salon and getting your nails painted with smiley faces, or organizing to meet other smilers in a park in your town. Simple, seemingly random expressions of joy and kindness that can help us to stay positive, and to push back the fear that has pervaded and atomized our communities.

The secondary goal of The Smile Project is to allow those of us living in states that have enacted extreme social restrictions to connect with each other. Not to mobilize for a political purpose, but simply to connect with other people in our communities for coffee, playdates, dinner. If this is something you are interested in, leave the box in the form checked. If there is sufficient interest, we will release an app that will allow users to safely find fellow smilers an establish local, in-person connections (it is 99% built). 


The Smile Project has neither financial backing, nor a financial motivation. It is apolitical, and will certainly draw people from across the political spectrum who crave in-person connection, and the revival of their communities. Our sole goal is to foster in-person connection, and to help re-animate and re-connect our anemic, fractured communities. 

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