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My name is Emily Burns. I was inspired to start The Smile Project by the #SmilesMatter movement. I am a mother of three, living in Newton, Massachusetts, and two of my three children asked for play dates for Christmas. This is my way of granting that small wish.  

Like many of you, the threads that created the rich tapestry of my community have been systematically unwoven. This is my attempt to begin to re-weave them by finding those within my community and elsewhere who believe that living involves risks, and that we cannot remove those risks if doing so means reducing life to a virtual state.  


Right now, my picture is the only one here. I neither can, nor want, to do this alone. If you would like to help me, and to serve as a catalyst for re-animation in your own community, please contact me, and I will add you to this page. I am hoping to add partners apace and look forward to collaborating with you.

 If you want to learn more about me, you can go here. If you are thinking of doxxing me, I wouldn't recommend it. I am a small, unimportant person, but I feel very passionately about this--doxxing me will only increase my visibility. If you think what I am doing is wrong, the best thing you can do is ignore it and hope that this effort dies thanks to my obscurity. 

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